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What is Reverse Osmosis (RO)? :

Reverse Osmosis is particularly useful in those areas that are short of clean drinking and industrial water. It is an effective desalination agent removing impurities from sea, ocean and ground water to make it fit for drinking and industrial, Desalination is the process that involves the reduction of the salt content of saline water to bring it down to normal. A desalinating reverse osmosis system is comprised of four major processes including pretreatment, pressurization, membrane separation and post-treatment stabilization. Water desalinated by reverse osmosis is used for agricultural, industrial, and potable use RO Technology is currently used in Brazil and Argentina to desalinate ground water. 

R.O. Anti Scalent :

UC - 6688 - R.O. Antiscalent (Low & High - Silica Based) :

Hard scale formation is prevented from the membrane & there by quantity & quality of water is produced accurately.

R.O pH Booster :

UC - 9090 - UNI Booster + (Food Grade) :

UC-9090-UNI Booster+ is suggested for increasing the pH in the product water of R.O. Plant.

Membrane Cleaning Chemicals :


Advantages :

Reverse Osmosis Systems have plenty of advantages. They are friendly to the environment, as they do not produce or use any harmful chemicals during the process.

Taste of the purified water is another distinct advantage. Reverse Osmosis removes dissolved minerals and other contaminants that cause water to smell unpleasant, taste poorly and take on unusual colors.

Removal of dissolved minerals, metals and other particles benefits plumbing systems. There is nothing in the water to corrode pipes or collect as sediment.

These water filters not only provide water that is very pure but is also free from odors. It is also colorless thus it is quite acceptable by most of the people.

Commercial and Industrial facilities have been using the ro systems for several decades now. Reverse Osmosis has been applied in many different separation applications; it has been used in diverse sectors such as pharmacological processes to alcoholic beverage production and everything in between. Today, it is mostly associated with the separation of unwanted compounds that may exist in water. It has been adapted for use in treatment of water, the purification of water the conditioning of water, and even in the desalination of high salinity sea water. Over the decades of its use, the ro systems used infiltration applications have moved from a technology known only in industrial sectors, to one that is widely used by residential home owners as well.

Applications :

• Waste Water Treatment      • Boiler Feed                                  • Cooling Tower Feed      

• Drinking Water Purification  • Food and Beverages Industry     • Pharmaceutical Industry      

• Power Generation Industry  • Metal Finishing                            • Drinking Water

• Humidification                      • ICE Making                                  • Biomedical

• Laboratory                           • Kidney Dialysis                             • Chemical Processes

• Cosmetics                            • Hatcheries                                    • Restaurants

• Battery Water                       • Hemodialysis

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