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Resin Cleaning Compound

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Resin Cleaning Compound

1. UC-666 – UNI CHARGE :

It is an acidic form with an inhibited nature which does not affect on the resin granules but makes the resin effective and prevents from loosing its(resin) strength. By cleaning with this compound resin gets recharged and any contamination in the resin will be removed completely. Thereby output hardness will be comedown. 


pH                            :  1 to 2.5
Specific gravity      : 1.020
Viscosity                 :   2.020 Sec
Color                       :   Light Yellow
Based                      :   Organic
Concentration        :   32%
Metal Inhibiters      :   50%
Function                 :   As a Resin Charger

Why should we do recharge?

The recharging of resin is required to be done when it is found that total hardness is increased in the output water.

How do we do the recharge?

The resin should be soaked for 3-4 hours in the compound which is called “resin charging compound”.

Why should we do the recharging of resin?

With the charging of resin, resin gets recharged and thereby the total hardness in come down in the output water when the salt regeneration is done.