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AHU Cleaning Chemicals

AHU Cleaning Chemicals Manufacturer, Supplier 

Universal Water Chemicals Pvt Ltd is well recognized for manufacturing & supplying of AHU & FCU Coil Cleaning Chemicals from Hyderabad. These chemicals will remove dust & dirt particles from the surface of AHU fins. 

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AHU Cleaning Products And Application Information: 


AHU & FCU Coil Cleaning Compound 

 UNI SHINE is an inorganic alkali liquid compound which helps in removing thick dust coating on air handling units. It will not damage the air handling units aluminum fins and helps cleaning the fins gently. It is an effective product to maintain gaps between fins. 

Specifications : 
Appearance        : Pink color liquid
pH                        : 11.0 -12.0 +/- 0.5
Specific gravity  : 1.2 +/- 0.1

Dosage : 
The chemical dosage will vary on dust thickness. Universal Water Chemicals Pvt Ltd representative will recommend you the optimal dosage to ensure maximum program performance

Packaging : 35/ 50Kg HDPE Carboy

Handling and Storage :
The product can store normal under where house conditions. We recommended use of protective equipment during handling to avoid skin contact 

PDF of Our AHU Cleaning Compounds

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