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Descaling Chemicals

Descaling Chemicals Supplier

Universal Water Chemicals Pvt Ltd is specialized in manufacturing & supplying of Descaling Chemicals. These chemicals will resolve problems like scale formation. Our Descaling Chemicals are developed for all types of boilers, chillers, condensers, cooling towers, heat exchangers etc…

In every industry water is used in one form or other. Water is used as a cooling medium in industries for systems like cooling towers, boilers, heat exchangers, chillers, furnaces, condensers etc. Untreated water can cause harm to systems as impurities like dissolved or suspended solids shall form scale deposits in pipeline, water passages, tubes etc. 

These scale deposits should remove from system, otherwise it leads to harmful effects like irregular flow of water, loss of heat transfer, reduce performance of system, unexpected breakdowns and finally life of system  will be lower. Descaling is the most efficient method that will remove scale deposits from systems. 

List of Descaling Chemicals that we supply includes: 

        1. Boiler Descaling Chemical 

        2. Condenser Descaling Chemical 

        3. Chiller Cleaning Chemical 

        4. AHU Cleaning Chemical 

        5. Cooling Tower Chemical 

        6. Heat Exchanger Descaling 

        7. Resin Cleaning Chemical 

        8. Other Descaling Chemical for Scale related problems

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Descaling Compounds And Application Information: 


(A Descaling Compound)

UNI CLEAN is a revolutionary descaling agent.

◈ It is an inhibated Acid for General use for all types of descalling operations.

◈ It is liquid preparation with acid bas, designed to dissolve industrial deposites (water hardness Scales) without affecting metals.

◈ It is a special blend of inorganic acid, organic corrosion inhibator, wetting agent and color indicator. The wetting agent enhances the action of acid in removing deposites by its surface active cleaning properties.

◈ It is supplied in fully inhibited and concentrated from and its to be diluted with water for use form. It minimizes the cleaning time and it is cost effective product.

2. UNI CLEAN - P :

(A Powder Based Descaling Compound)

UNI CLEAN - P is a special blend of descaling agent. 

◈ This is an inhibited inorganic acid based product used for all types of descaling operations suggested for where copper and zinc copper alloys are present in the system.

◈ It is a powder base designed to dissolve the industrial deposites (water hardness scales) without affecting metals.

◈ It is a special blend of mineral acid, organic corrosion inhibitor, wetting agent. The wetting agent enhances the action of acid in removing deposit's by its surface active cleaning properties.

◈ It is supplied in fully inhibited and concentrated from and is to be diluted with water for use. It minimizes the metal attack during cleaning.

Descaling Chemicals Applications: 

◈ Control corrosion and scale deposits in boilers, condensers, heat exchangers, cooling towers, tanks, pipes etc 

◈ Remove Sulfite, Hydrazine, Carbohydrazide and Oxygen Scavengers 

◈ Remove hard water deposits from Boilers, Hot water heaters, tanks and pipes

PDF of Our Descaling Chemicals 

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