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Cooling Tower Treatment Chemicals

Treatment Chemicals for High, Medium, Low Capacity Cooling Towers

For industries using a cooling tower, some type of Cooling Tower Water Treatment System is necessary to ensure long equipment service life and efficient performance. If cooling tower water is untreated, fouling, scaling, organic compound and corrosion can form and that reduces plant productivity. Universal Water Chemicals Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of an extensive range of Cooling Tower Water Treatment Chemicals. These Cooling Tower Water Treatment Chemicals are used for preventing problems like Corrosion, Scale Deposition and Microbial Growth in cooling towers.

Our range of Cooling Tower Dosing Chemicals Name includes Antiscalant Compound, Anticorrosive Compound, Defoamer Compound, Sludge Conditioner and Biocide Chemical.

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What is Cooling Tower Water Treatment System?

A Cooling Tower Water Treatment System is a technology which removes impurities from cooling tower feed water and circulation water. The treatment of your cooling tower system will depend on various parameters including

  â—ˆ What type of Cooling Tower you have (Open loop or Closed loop)

  â—ˆ Quality of feed water

  â—ˆ Recommended quality requirements for Cooling Tower

  â—ˆ What does a Cooling Tower Chemical Treatment System Control?

  â—ˆ A Cooling Tower Water Treatment System will regulate the level of hardness, chlorides, alkalinity, silica, organic matter, TDS, TSS, sulfates and iron.

Our range of Cooling Tower Treatment Chemicals includes:


It is a multipurpose chemical for open and closed cooling water systems. It is an organo phosphate based formulated chemical, which gives an effective scale prevention and corrosion control. It will improve heat transfer efficiency by controlling Scale build up and also prevents corrosion in the system.


It is a specially designed multi purpose dispersant. It effectively disperse inorganic as well as organic solids in cooling system. It will Keep solid particles present in cooling water system in suspension and increase the antiscalent performance. It can also be applied during system start-up for dispersing existing scales/deposits and also during system disturbances


A Broad Spectrum non Oxidizing Biocide for Cooling System.

UNICIDE I is a broad spectrum non oxidizing biocide recommended for open recirculation cooling systems. It effectively controls micro organism of Bacteria, Algae and Fungi in the recirculation cooling water systems. It also eliminates existing micro organisms. It helps in control of slime deposits by increasing the heat transfer. It is a eco friendly chemical and it also active in the control of Legionella pneumophila and Legionella gormanii bacteria, which causes Legionnaires disease Legionellosis


An Oxidizing Biocide for Cooling System

It is a synergistic blend of oxidizing Biocide to control algae and fungi in open circulating cooling systems. It is effective in controlling slime forming bacteria and sulfate reducing bacteria. It is a dual Biocide minimizes risk of resistance build up and controls slime formation there by increases heat transfer efficiency.


It is a multipurpose chemical for open cooling systems. It is an inorganic product and very effective to prevent corrosion from the system, mainly in Ferroalloys systems.


It is used to control foaming in cooling towers. UNI DEFOAMER is a excellent foaming controller by its complex and coagulant action.


An Open Circulation Cooling System Water Treatment Chemical

It is a high performance scale preventer in rather than cooling towers, Like Fountains and decorative waterfalls. It helps in maintaining clean and free flow of water from the fountains. It is an excellent dispersant for calcium carbonate and clay. It also disperses iron oxides. It is specially designed with carboxylate polymer to give high performance.


It controls the pH of recirculation water and balancing the input pH. It is an acidic in nature.

PDF of Our Cooling Tower Water Treatment Chemicals 

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